Oak Furniture

Furniture lovingly crafted from oak will be in your home for years and will only look better over time as the wood ages. An oak tree 
grows slowly to develop the density, variations in shade and appealing grain that gives the timber its strength and natural beauty,
making it perfectly suited for our superbly made ranges that will bring warmth, style and luxury to your living space.

All of our oak furniture is crafted using traditional techniques such as dovetail joinery on the drawers, and tongue and groove backs to ensure its strength and durability. So whatever look you want to create, we’re sure you’ll find a style and a finish within our collections to put together your ideal home. If you like the traditional country cottage look, you might want to consider our Rustic Oak range, or our Constance Oak range if you prefer a French touch. Our Cube Solid Oak range is strikingly modern with its simple geometric shapes, and our Clifton Oak collection is a subtle combination of rustic and contemporary influences.