Dining Room Furniture

No longer just for eating in, our kitchens and dining rooms have become social hubs – we work, we plan, we craft, we meet and we chat at our dining tables. And as well as everyday dining, we entertain friends and celebrate special-occasions in them. Our ranges reflect this – offering flexibility, versatility and practicality in a number of styles that will help you put together the space that works best for you and your family.

From traditional farmhouse style furniture to modern country chic, taking in the ornate handcrafted colonial influence of Jali sheesham along the way, all our dining room furniture is designed and built to offer practical storage, durability and good looks. We’ve space-saving extending dining tables, money-saving dining sets, classic dressers and dressers with a modern twist, plus all manner of sideboards to keep everything organised and tidied away. Whether you’re making a room over from scratch or adding signature pieces to an existing scheme, we can offer something to satisfy all tastes and pockets.


Cuba Sheesham Dining Room Ranges


Pine Ranges


Painted Furniture