How to buy a dressing table

How to buy a dressing table

How to buy a Dressing Table

No lady’s bedroom is complete without a dressing table. Providing a dedicated space to get ready for the day and the night and a home for make-up, jewellery and accessories, it is more than just a piece of furniture, it is a reflection of your personality and taste. Whether you have a large bedroom and the luxury of space or have a smaller room and need a dressing table that can double up as a desk, we have something in our range to suit, from simple yet elegant pieces to sophisticated French-influenced furniture. Oh, and some of our styles are also suitable for men – because we know the man in your life likes to look good too.

Things to consider


If you have an extensive collection of make-up and accessories then a dressing table with several large drawers may be your best option. But if your requirements are less, then simpler styles with one or two smaller drawers may suffice. Surface area is important too. It may be that you want your lotions and potions on display along with your mirror and other personal items. Or you may want to keep things minimal and just have the mirror on top with everything else stored away in the drawers.


The beauty of a dressing table is that you can make a real personal statement by choosing a design that contrasts with the other furniture in your room to make it a standalone accent piece. A French-influenced style in an otherwise contemporary room could look quite dramatic, for instance, turn the daily routine into more of a special occasion.


Most of our dressing tables are of a similar size but if you need a piece that has to multi-task, as a desk, for example – then one of our simpler oak or pine dressing tables may be the best choice.

Stools and mirrors

Dressing Table Stools and mirrors

All of our dressing tables have a complementary mirror and stool available if you don’t want to buy a dressing table set. Mirrors just sit neatly on top so can be removed if you occasionally want to use the dressing table for another purpose. And most of our stools come with a padded seat to keep you comfy whatever you’re doing and also fit neatly underneath the table to maximise space when not in use.

Dressing your dressing table

Dressing your dressing table

By the time you’ve got your mirror on top and one or two jewellery boxes then space may be running out. But if you’re looking for some tips on how to style your space and make it special to you, the following article by Carole Poirot may help.

Styles and finishes

Dressing Table Styles and finishes

Choose between the natural warmth, strength and character of oak, the value and versatility of solid pine, the bright freshness of French-inspired painted furniture.

The ageless beauty and durability of oak brings many benefits. It adds timeless rustic character, will last for decades, looks better as it ages and sits well in almost any décor.

Pine is ideal for those on a budget. It’s full of natural character, practical, sustainable and can be made into a huge range of gorgeous furniture and then stained and varnished or lacquered to suit.

Painted furniture contributes to an atmosphere of relaxation in your bedroom. It adds brightness and character and will suit both traditional and modern decors. Our French-influenced dressing tables will also add a touch of romantic charm to getting ready.

How to care for your dressing table

How to care for your dressing table

With a little bit of regular care, your dressing table will stay looking good for years.

  • Keep it clean and protected with good quality beeswax. This will nourish the wood and ensure the unique grain is always shown at its best.
  • Wipe any spills with a damp cloth then buff with a dry cloth.
  • Keep your furniture away from direct sunlight to avoid fading and colour changes.
  • Don’t put your dressing table near a radiator as the temperature variations can cause joints and veneers to split or weaken
  • Don’t put hot drinks directly onto the surface as it may leave permanent marks.