How to buy a Cd/Dvd Storage Unit

How to buy a CD/DVD Storage Unit

How to buy a CD/DVD Storage Unit

Chances are your whole CD collection has not yet been relegated to the loft in favour of Cloud storage. And your DVDs and box-sets aren’t gathering dust in a corner somewhere unwatched and unloved. If that’s the case then you need somewhere to store them and keep them organised so they’re easy to access when you feel like a Game of Thrones binge or want to listen to some of your favourite music.


Ideal for children’s rooms, guest rooms or smaller rooms.

Ideal for the average size bedroom, they are available with and without drawers. If you have lots of long dresses then you’ll need full length hanging space (there’s usually room to line up shoes at the bottom too), or if you have lots of bulky jumpers and jeans then a wardrobe with drawers and/or shelves is the way to go.

For larger bedrooms or for those who have more clothes than average to store, it’s worth considering a triple wardrobe. They make a great focal point and are available in a variety of configurations – with or without shelves, with or without mirrors and with or without drawers so even the most dedicated clothes shopper should find something to suit.

If you have a small room to furnish then consider a combination wardrobe which usually has a combination of hanging space and several drawers – a combi is also ideal for children’s rooms or guest rooms.

What are my CD/DVD Storage Unit Options

You need to decide whether you want your music and film collections on show or hidden away in drawers or behind doors and choose accordingly. Many CD/DVD units are beautiful pieces of furniture in their own right and are available in a range of woods, styles and finishes. Our range of sheesham wood units is particularly attractive if you want to add some rich, dark warmth to your home.

Things to consider

Things to consider

It may seem obvious but count your CDs and DVDs to make sure you buy enough storage space to house them all. And if you’re still a regular buyer of music and films, think about what storage you’ll need in future and buy a unit that’s big enough.

Do you want your unit to complement the other furniture in your room or do you want a standalone piece? It’s easy to disguise your collection if you don’t want it on show by buying units that look just like standard cabinets.

How to care for your CD/DVD unit

How to care for your CD/DVD unit
  • Keep your unit looking its best and the wood nourished by treating it to a good quality beeswax every few months.
  • Wipe any spills immediately with a damp cloth then use another cloth to dry things off.
  • Don’t put your furniture near a radiator. Not only could the heat damage joints and weaken veneers, it won’t do your DVDs and CDs much good either.
  • Placing the unit in strong sunlight should also be avoided due to the risk of fading the wood and warping your discs.