How to buy a Bookcase

How to buy a Bookcase

How to buy a Bookcase

As important as your book collection is what you keep your treasured volumes in. A bookcase makes the ideal home for your thrillers, classics, children’s books and any other genre you care to mention, as well as being ideal for displaying other items. Available in a variety of styles and finishes, no matter what your taste or needs, a happy ending is guaranteed.

Things to consider

Bookcases Things to consider
  • How many books you need to shelve is probably the most important consideration. If you’re a voracious bookworm with a large number of books then you will probably need more shelves than a more modest reader.
  • Do you have lots of tall books? A bookcase with adjustable shelves will be ideal.
  • If you want to display a mixture of books and other objects, then consider a bookcase with open shelves. Ideal for big open-plan spaces, they also allow you to admire your ornaments from all sides.
  • Make sure the shelves are deep enough for your needs.

Types of bookcase

Probably what most often comes to mind is the traditional squared-off shape with a number of fixed or adjustable shelves in either oak or pine, with or without drawers.

Ideal for adding visual appeal, open cubes can be arranged into various patterns, stacked on top of each other or stand next to each other and sit well in more contemporary spaces.

Ideal for growing as your book collection grows, modular units can be pushed together to create larger units.

Styles and finishes

Bookcases Styles and finishes

Traditional and rustic, clean-lined and contemporary, dark or light, oak or sheesham wood, our beautifully made bookcases will look stunning, adding warmth and character whatever the size and décor of your home. Tall, narrow bookcases are perfect for smaller spaces as you can fit a lot of books on a small footprint. Low, wide bookcases will sit neatly under windows and are also just the thing for children’s rooms. Styles like our sheesham wood multi-shelf units will make dramatic focal points in your home and lend themselves to zoning open-plan spaces.

Bookcase decorating ideas

Bookcase decorating ideas
  • Mix books with decorative objects – breaking up lines of books with your favourite ornaments and photos can really bring your shelves to life.
  • Leave some empty space – leaving spaces between items can help things feel less cluttered
  • Stack books to add visual interest – you don’t have to line all your books up in rigid formation. Lay some on their side or break up rows of books with stacks of magazines. Leave some gaps so you can lean books – variety is the spice of life, after all.
  • Arrange books by colour – arranging books according to colour can make an attractive feature. Lines of orange-spined titles next to a row of black-spined Penguin classics will look really smart.
  • Clear up clutter with boxes – if your shelves are deep enough, another idea is to store paperwork, postcard collections and other small items in boxes. Use coloured boxes to brighten things up a bit.
  • Display decorative items – maybe you don’t want to use your bookcase for books at all. Bookshelves are the perfect platform for displaying your collections of sporting trophies, Dinky toys, Star Wars figures or teapots, to give just a few examples.

How to care for your bookcase

How to care for your bookcase

With a modicum of care and attention, your bookcase should last from once upon a time to the end.

  • Decent quality beeswax applied every six months will keep the wood nourished, provide protection and ensure it stays looking its best.
  • Wipe any accidental spills immediately with a damp cloth then use a dry cloth to finish off.
  • Avoid standing your bookcase in direct sunlight to avoid fading, or too near to a radiator to prevent joints and veneers weakening.